Nin is the oldest Croatian royal town. An exceptional type of city-church complex is unique in the entire Mediterranean region. The bronze statue of the famous Croatian Bishop Gregorius dominates the city. Nin is a Croatian Bethlehem! This is how the poet called the old city believing that it fully deserves this title given its significance in the Croatian history. Although you will come here to rest and have fun, the history will enchant you with its rich legacy of stories at almost every corner. Nin's sand beaches represent an ideal place for families with small children and old people to rest. However all those who like sport will be able to enjoy the untouchable nature.


Privlaka is well known as a fisherman's and vineyard's place. It is situated at spacious narrow peninsula covered with sand. It is distinguished by rich mediteranean climate with insolation of 2 540 hours. It owns shallow coastal sea with plenty of drinking water, what is withessed by numerous wells throughout the place.


Zadar is a historical croatian city. It is 3000 years old. Rich in history, it is today's civilization focus. Cultural, economical and administrative center of the North Dalmatia. Transitionally, Zadar is the center of a region in which the south and the north of Croatia are put together. Zadar plunders with its beauty and hospitality. For a lot of passengers and artists, it is compareable to a Venice or Dubrovnik. It is a town of a rich spiritual and material culture, and turistical tradition too. A treasury of archeological and monumental treasures from antical, middle-aged and renesance period. Zadar is a town around roman forum, a city within wellpreserved fortifications, a town of old croatian sacral monuments. Full of archives, museums, libraries, he is a keeper of literary and musical heritage. It is a town with an oldest university in Croatia (1396), with todays eleven universities, a place of birth to the first croatian novel and first croatian newspaper. Zadar is a city of cultural institutions and events: permanent exhibitions of a sacral art (SICU) and occasional exhibitions, galleries, music evenings in St. Donat, puppet shows, and also a city of enterntainment, festivals and sport-basketball. Zadar is protected by four of its saints: Zoil, Šimun, Krševan, and Stošija. Traditionally lively in tourism. As early as 1899. , the most famous touristic company ''Liburnia'' is founded. Touristical attractiveness Zadar has from a combination of tourism and culture, but also as a center of nautical tourism and marines, hotels, appartments, villas, congress and religion tourism, small and intim restaurants, beautiful walking zones and bathing places, ecological resources, trips to an interesting virginal suroundings and other touristical events.
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